after the two world exquisite, artistic paintings make deeper.

Qinhao it a little thought, wait until they finish the painting, she quit is a good thing.

Qinhao the stand on one side, is renowned for two Xiaonian Qing, a lot of big age no interest, some people entered the restaurant to find this scene, so that the position of servant to arrange in the distance, a good crowd this a lively.

Qinhao the servant give their own master Surusumi, Fufeng see the scalp tingling, her great strength, and so will not be directly put things to crush, hair with worry, exquisite against the Soviet Union, he said, “Mast北京夜网er, I will not.”She did not even know the word, where will Surusumi?

“Out of the way.”Delicate Su said,” When will I have to.”

Qinhao of clean hands after painting.

His paintings of the time, penmanship made the towering mountains, only this hand, I could see his deep skill.Shades of inky mountains, water moving between the mountains, is a landscape painting.

Look at the people around this young man, look not the same.

杭州百花坊论坛 In particular, there is strong Liaocheng Hui No, we know that this is the ringleader Road Safety Academy.

Sue looked exquisite on the second floor, an elegant room door opened, out of two old man.

One was the familiar memory, Di Mu He Ruolan’s father, former prime minister Ho Ge.Another is white beard and hair are born enlightenment bone Fairy Wind of the people, when the world famous scholar latent Cen.

This is the man she wants to visit, etc..

Let Song Yuchen follow latent Cen?There she was, do not even think.

Qinhao of time also noticed the old man, and my heart some slightly regret, hidden humble.

Since the Soviet Union exquisite want to save face, he chose painting, Painting Flirting, is not his best, his best is moving in a static landscape, now renowned for Cen latent supplemented do painting,广州桑拿网 he have put down the pen, it would seem too utilitarian.

Su exquisite never mind his remorse, until the Qinhao get out of the position he approached.

He Ge and they also have the potential downstairs Cen,

the page show the other side is input..

  Nearly a minute later, floating on the chat page a message.
  - good night.
  Gu sleep by the phone off, lie down quietly for a moment, he reached out to turn off the lamp.
  Also lying in bed sleep calm Xie Huai Gu Queyuanburu.
  He stared at the micro-channel chat page full ten minutes before sleep will not be convinced Gu replied.
  He pressed the phone off, dormitory lights out already, and only in roommate’s phone exudes a faint light, he stared at the head of the bed board, the m深圳桑拿ood was not always calm down.
  She married, though divorced, and her ex-husband but it looks like there is anything to do, they have children.
  How she wanted to get?
  For her, What kind of hand tonight?
  She said nothing, as if her hand just a moment spur of the moment, who held then, what is not.
  She advanced out of the restaurant, you can hit people with money.
  Maybe just put him as a pastime boring life.
  And he was like knowing that stupid trap but still reluctant to prey exudes fragrant temptation bait, fell into a silly.
  Xie Huai close your eyes, the heart has always been calm, chaos.
  Jiang Cheng Cheng called Gu sleep just remembered that he promised her to attend her birthday party.
  Slept together, it was not at the ankle so swollen, but also some dull pain.
  She would have rejected Jiang Cheng Cheng, Cheng Cheng深圳桑拿网 Jiang said his car has been waiting downstairs, but unfortunately only let go upstairs to Jiang Cheng Chen杭州夜网论坛g.
  Met, Gu sleep to tell the happy birthday.
  Jiang Cheng Cheng grinning, said thank you, gave her a hug.
  ”Is not it?You are not ready yet?”Jiang Gu Cheng Cheng also found that sleep was wearing pajamas, prime with a face no makeup, could not help but leaned in to look after sleepless skin condition, can not help

pare to join, just a move, a knife Hengpi over, it is the case of what he has been to Afghanistan fishing Luezhen prevent Shura teach people blending.

  Chen Yuan of Dangxia knife, look dignified, this child should not be overlooked, glance was hard-fought and well-known figure Lai woman, but turned out to be a master of martial art which they come from, this martial art master how many?Chen Yuan of mind power switch, in case of what Stern said: “We want to help you do.”
  He encountered: “Your goo深圳桑拿网d intentions, we no thanks, but the older generation be able to meet.”Thought and added:” personal grudges, forgive me.”
  ”We also have a blood feud with that villain.”This is one of the best rivers and lakes martial art which has not been the scourge had taught Shura.
  It is not the case of the nerve, but whether it is from a first come first served or the capable point of view, this is a famous person Lai are seniors, so he Hengdao stand there, who put a hand in who I cut posture.
  Chen Yuan Shen Shen of the eyes, to make a wink.Baiyun Zong sovereign but Chen Yuan of the lead, was instructed out of the line: “arrogant Shuzi.”
  After dozens of recipe Baiyun Zong sovereign was knocked weapons, it also encountered the knife cross between his neck, how to recover in case of a knife, arch of the hand: “assignee!”
  Baiyun Zong北京夜网 sovereign dough changed back and forth several times, bitterly withdraw.
  ”Little brother good skill, question how school under the tutelage?”Chen Yuan smiled and asked one of.
  He encountered: “there is no martial art.”He was trained Tianshan Pai secret, but no thanks to the Tianshan Pai.
  Chen Yuan of only when he is reluctant to say, the more fear.
  There Baiyun Zong sovereign bloody example of the former, no one will take things too hard disgrace, Baiyun Zong sovereign is not their most powerful, but it is also a first-class master of rivers and lakes, the results of such a master, but easily defeated this young man sword.Even more frightening is that this is not going all the survivors.
  Replaced them, I’m afraid is such a fate, a chance to fight a

and lady to understand that she was to curry favor with home land, the land lady is not going to ignore the start of 南宁夜网Hu.

  However, when the temperature Pearl also present, the land lady feel warm pearl looks good, happens to land Ms. Liang Zhidi died, land lady has been in Italy continued to marry his wife left him with the thing, the more Winn said Pearl a few words.
  Hu must attack, but a man has to see the old lady Lu Wen Pearl so little meaning, to quickly paste up, since then, it lingers, bent on Pearl temperature should marry Lu Liang.
  Pearl did a warm unmarried young lady home, also thick-skinned outrageous, to promote the full, they have to do soul mate join lujia.
  Because this thing, land of the old lady and her daughter Pearl Hu Wen hate to the extreme, and told people they were not allowed the door, but this mother and daughter do not know really discouraged, it bursts also had trouble.
  Just because two temperature Pearl and he南宁桑拿r daughter, a woman began to land, do not intend to have a nine warm goodbye.
  \ S micro-channel public search number: wmdy66, you lonely, warm your little sister with a movie

  219 Lu Liang concerns

  It can be switched to another thought, since the temperature of the nine come, or the pleasure of seeing good.
  To warm nine with her stepmother sister also a virtue, then later let Lu Liang little contact with her wants.
  Unexpectedly, met, Lu old lady one on the phase temperature Nine, she felt everything good.
  Although she did not mention the purpose of Winn nine today met one, however, can not wait to land the old lady, his grandson will soon Winn nine, makes up a happy family.
  Can be thought of, there are nine Wen Wen as her parents, have that kind of stepmother Hu, Lu Wen nine home if really let the door, not later tak

ermal quilt cover, because just frightened, Wen nine is already out of the sweat of the sound, feel the white wash bath.

  However, this is not the point, the point is, wrapped in a warm nine take away the body of the quilt after it suddenly found himself just wear clothes, how bad there –
  In thin clothes in panic when around him, there is no good system, the dew, the place should not be exposed, all exposed to杭州桑拿论坛 the.
  And she just.Xiao Yu also hold in the arms, it looks like this?
  Wen nine thought of this, the head hum about big.
  Her rush to fasten clothes, the whole face, completely become ripe red apple.
  (M =)

  1188 Cayao

  Wen nine do not know, Xiao Yu just have to see what in the end, the thought of a few times, she was almost in front of this man have to see bare before added, Wen nine felt very, very shy.
  The hearts of a panic, and even their feet hurt thing have forgotten.
  Her right foot landed, came the terrible pain of a son.
  Wen nine did not stand the whole person and stumble toward the front.
  Of course, but also in Xiao Yu, it is impossible to watch the temperature nine fell to the ground, he walked forward, this way, the temperature nine and again got into his embrace.
  ”Where does it hurt?”Xiao Yu Wen nine to hold up, let her sit on the be苏州桑拿d, his huge hands walk in her body, from top to bottom, give her a physical examination.
  Soon, Xiao Yu discovered, Wen nine ankle had swollen up.
  He’s very, very distressed: “Silly girl, feet in such a way, but also to walk?”
  Martial arts since childhood Xiao Yu, injured for him, are commonplace thing, he was a warm hand nine-leg lift, the other one gently kneading her swollen part, to give her a massage.
  ”I brought a swelling of the drug in the package, you get it for me now.”

ally, will not make life difficult with the money.

  ”Zhang treasurer, I’ve got some o深圳桑拿网f the skullcap, I wonder if you do not charge admission?”Wen said nine came up with a skullcap from behind the baskets.
  Zhang treasurer see nine hands warm skullcap, a pair of triangular eyes could not help but Dengyuan!
  He opened the pharmacy so long, rarely seen such a thick skullcap.
  The skullcap, but better than the best of their store skullcap.
  But Zhang treasurer immediately put away his surprised expression, slightly furrowed brow:
  ”Oh, big sister, you are to sell it skullcap?Was really unlucky, we just recently bought some store skullcap, the goods have a lot of it.”
  Zhang treasurer While talking, looked warm while nine.
  He certainly do not want to receive these skullcap, he just deliberately say so.
  Zhang treasurer impression, village women are no insight, as long as he showed not want to be mean, they fear they wil北京夜网l be very hard to dig herbs sold, generally lower prices to sell him.
  But now he looked at the temperature nine felt in front of the village women, who met with him before a little differently.
  Wen nine face no expression, very calm, and no little frightened.
  ”Well, since the treasurer Zhang is not out of stock, that’s not to trouble you, we do not go home to see.”
  Wen said as he turned to leave nine.
  He lived two lifetimes, what kind of temperature nine people have had the experience, when the treasurer Zhang opened his mouth, he saw his purpose, certainly not when his.
  Seeing warm wine to go, Zhang treasurer panic, such a good skullcap, he did not want to fall into the hands of others.
  ”Oh, big sister, Treat myself out, you have come to the store, and how I can make you just leave it?These herbs are also carrying tiring, you may not be abl

want to change the draw!I want to change the draw!”

  By now, only the ability of the system can save Babel.
  System cold voice: “The lack of host integration, not enough to redeem props.”
  Muqing Yao teeth: “I do not care, you gave me to find ways to 杭州桑拿洗浴solve!If I discredited, there is no one to help you earn points, life can not upgrade!”
  Zizi jump over the current sound system: “Insufficient host integration, integration can be used to offset part of the body.”
  Ranging Muqing Yao react, the system said: “Random deductible host natural body fragrance, such as blue, paintings can not be changed, then burned.”
  That moment, Muqing Yao mind flashed some kind of paranoid mad idea: “burning!All paintings burned all!”
  ”Bite, the host receives the request in execution, execution.”
  Rou has been looking Muqing Yao Jiang, seeing her reaction wrong, the heart suddenly lift.
  Around Hadano react more quickly, he grabbed a pull ginger Rou, her hand paintings throw to, and away from the stage has been hung up paintings.
  ”Laugh friends” sound, as if the anger of heaven, but thos苏州桑拿网e who need the paintings today, was actually up out of thin air spontaneous combustion.
  Rou Jiang Da Hai, glared at Muqing Yao深圳桑拿网.
  Hatano pull her, she looked down and whispered in her ear: “I just heard her speak with that damn thing.”
  Jiang Rou eyes lit up: “say what?”
  Hatano dialogue Muqing Yao and systems to repeat it again, ginger Rou frowned: “body fragrance?Muqing Yao sacrificed in exchange integral body fragrance, body fragrance but this thing had no ah?”
  Qin Ye look at her, eyes to the little girl in the white neck glanced around, he just endured did not say, in fact, some.
  He was in the little girl who smelled that scent in the sweet spot again with creamy, better than the taste of su

ve, as the rest of the 400 and I did not work after the Xiaowan living expenses.”

銆€銆€”buy house?You’re crazy, you a woman what to buy a house.”Ke said the mother does not willingly.
銆€銆€Yang pinch the clothes, tight Minzhe Chun: “I Xiaowan always have a place to live深圳桑拿网.”
銆€銆€Ke mother whispered: “No place to live?You have not remarry, and not even think, Xiaowan leave your own back home.”
銆€銆€Yang not speak, as quiet as the air group.
銆€銆€Ke mother every time she encountered this attitude are angry liver pain, rubbing his chest and said: “You dumb it?Always ask if you do not say anything, say anything you like, half a day off tomorrow, please, with Xing Yan to do the divorce certificate.”
銆€銆€Yang hands twisted together, Chui Mei Shun purpose, look good talk, good bully look, but spit it out, then not so pleasant to the ear: “I do not, I want a house and Xiaowan!”
銆€銆€”you.I say go find your mom.”Ke mother made her live, move out of mother Yang.She does not believe her mother to come forward to see if she does not agree with.
銆€銆€Yang stubborn head down, still small voice, but with an unusual firm: “You want to tell my mom, I will not divorce, and this life is Siyeyaosi Ke home!”
銆€銆€If her mother knew, she took Paul missing a few hundred dollars to sell, back to her parents, then resold again.Yang previously not believe she would do this to her mother, but since the work and then let the matter, Yang have come to recognize her position in the eyes of her mother浜嗐€?
銆€銆€鏌瘝琚ス鐨勬补鐩愪笉杩涙皵寰椾笉杞伙紝鎵捣鎵嬪氨鏄竴宸存帉锛氣€滃弽浜嗗ぉ浜嗕綘锛屾粴锛屼綘缁欐粴鍑哄幓锛?a href=””>深圳桑拿网浠ュ悗鍐嶄篃涓嶈鍥炴潵浜嗭紒鈥?
TOWER TOWER Xuancunxinlu Xiqing Gecongchanwan iii Fuzu ang profile Fuhongshanben Yenshangemian su Lu bundle wrapped in cloth Hay idler d.鏈嶆崱浜嗗嚭鏉ワ紝涓€鍧楀効涓㈠湪闂ㄥ彛銆?
銆€銆€鏉ㄧ孩鎶婅.Chain Cao Zebangwudao Shou wa Rengebiannuan Jiangaoyiben Hanhu Tukuaishili “Shen adze An su Haobianjishi ㄦ Zeon percent

dmired Hanmin Lan’s resilient, soft figure was lower, but so it was!Her own children, just keep quiet, he does not mind if I reared them, but there will be no more!

  He recovered sight, nor to embarrass them just a little nod, then past them!
  ’Luxuriantly hospital’.
  Han Zhen Hou Yongning looked gloomily into the yard of Laohou Ye, could not moan and groan, I hope they can have a good talk, Laohou Ye can untie knot n北京桑拿会所o longer angry!
  Room, Laohou Ye sounded angry, he could see that the past few days has not been a good rest, tired stature!
  ”Kneel down!”Laohou Ye in the end seat, Chen Sheng.
  Yongning Hou paused, then do not hesitate to lift gowns kneel toward Laohou Ye!
  ”You tell me the truth, and His Majesty died about you?”He pointed to the son who thinks highly of yourself, ask their own worst fears,” have you ever guilty of rebellion?”
  Yongning Hou eyes flashed: “Father of yore, not as the son of an army destroy a thief to save His Majesty is indeed incompetent, but with insubordination ever touch on relations?”
  ”Do you swear to tell me, you never murdered Majesty?”Laohou Ye snapped.Moment he knew his own ideas rebellious son, in which no guarantee Yongning Hou is really innocent.If he really committed heinous crimes, Laohou Ye would北京风月网 rather commit suicide, apologize for the late emperor!
  Yongning Hou looked calm authentic: “When his son arrived late emperor is dead, in fact, His Majesty did not murder his son swear!”
  ”Do you recognize genetic purpose is a fake, you fake?”People are dead, how come Tuogu testament, it really is fake.
  Yongning Hou lift the lower lip, just in front of indifferent admitted: “really is a fake!”
  Laohou Ye pointed at him, disappointed: “Why do you want to make a move this rebellious, do not know that counterfeit late emperor testament to punish aboriginal right?I Yongning Houfu from □□ starting to follow around, Zhong-Wu loyal family heirlooms, you Houfu to getting a nasty shock, reviled by others, can be worthy ancestors Loyal?

denly discovered, in stone board has a few lines.

  Wen girl:
  Saving grace, kindness without saying thanks.
  Song Jie.
  Word is written burnt tree branches, black font, bold and powerful.
  This is the man to leave the warm nine.
  Finally, Song Jie, that北京风月网 word should be is his name.
  This man words are written so well, and was a scholar of the dress, it should be a scholar?
  Bu苏州夜网t look at his handwriting, look at his tone of voice, is not that clear-cut, Actually, I’m the general reader’s pedantic.
  Wen nine people think this is very interesting.
  But although she saved the life of a Song Jie, can not be longer met after.
  But nothing is meet by chance one side.
  Whether or not this person is doing, with nothing to warm the nine.
  Wen nine thought for a moment, grabbed a pile of hay next to the above writing to rub off.
  Then, the temperature nine never again think about, carrying a bamboo basket to go down.
  Wenjiu Gang went to the door, saw Lu Jia carriage parked in the yard outside it.
  Wen ninety-one enter the house, to really see Lu Liang of the.
  Wen Ke Lu Liang being accompanied, sat chatting in the East room.
  ”Liang, how do you come up this time?”
  Lu Liang Ke looked next to a warm, wa广州桑拿网rm and a bit embarrassed to nine, said: “I’m a bit busy these days, but I’m worried about Xiao Marshal’s injury, come and look, yes, and from me the store took more than ten twenty years of wild ginseng, used to make up the body of Marshal Xiao.”
  Lu Liang paused, finally put their most wanted to say out: “Again, I want to see you before tomorrow.”
  Ke Wen in front of the face, Lu Liang say such a thing, Wen nine felt embarrassed, but Ke Wen touches TIPS, nor staring at them, turned and looked away, as if heard with their own like of.
  At this time, Gu Hong Sheng also be ho