[Sister-in-law fascinated me with her riding bed position]


[Sister-in-law fascinated me with her riding bed position]

Women don’t just lie down, and occasionally control the rhythm by themselves, they will also feel very oh!

Girls control depth, rhythm and angle, which can be said to be feminist supremacy.

The style of foreplay skills can be said to be the basic paragraph in the female upper and lower male position. This paragraph is recorded in the Sutra Women’s Sutra: “On the eighth day, the fish was on the scale, the man was lying on his back, the woman straddled it, and the two strands moved forward.An Xu Neizhi, stop at the slightest entrance, do n’t go deep into teaching. If the child contains milk, make the female lonely, make it lasting, the female will retreat and the male will reunite. “Boys lie on their backs, girls open their legs to the boys.The pussy is aimed at the boy’s penis and crosses to the left. The boy does not move, and the girl moves the body up and down for insertion, just like a cowboy drives a wild horse.

The only difference is that this time, both “Cowboy” and “Mustang” are very happy ladies, please clear your throat first, because you have to wear a cowboy hat and shout with a lasso in your hand: “Yi-Ha”!!

Advantages: In the case that the boy does not actively push, it is not only easy and labor-saving, the little brother can also freeze for a long time, and the two hands also have time to caress the girl’s breast.You can control the depth, rhythm, and angle as you like. It is definitely the style that feminists love. The most amazing thing is that this style can also improve some boys’ incompetence. Disadvantages: basically there are no obvious disadvantages.Unless any sand pig has an opinion on the feminist political position .