Ten simple tips for waist abdomen


Ten simple tips for waist abdomen


Drink more water and less carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks and those high in sugar can make your stomach bulge like a balloon.


Don’t eat fries salt often to keep it hydrated, especially before the physiological period.

Pressure and canned foods are also high in content.


Don’t chew gum all the time Chewing gum can cause you to swallow too much air, which can cause your stomach to swell and swell.


Drink coffee if you feel your bowel movements are not smooth. Drink more coffee.


Wearing corsets, corsets, high-waisted trousers, or girdles can make a person look an inch or more thin.

But avoid wearing tight underwear.


Choose the size that suits you best, especially when wearing a dress. No one will look at the label of your dress, but if your clothes are too tight, you will expose your belly.

So, get the idea away from your fat belly.

Beautiful arms?

Then wear a sleeveless dress.


Put on your color No matter what color you want, make it shine on your body.

The uniform color matching (same color series) of clothing, a certain coat, skirt or trousers and shoes are the same color system, will show the effect of elongated body.


Choosing the right fabrics for silk, rayon, knitwear, and rough jerseys usually has a good effect and makes them pile up.


Don’t forget to put on high heels and high heels so that you always remind yourself to abdomen and show tall.


Exhale when moving up the spindle