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Properly wash acne skin byebye

People’s skin begins to become dry, and dermatologists point out that at this time, skin of various natures should be washed less frequently, so as not to lose too much oil from the skin and make the skin drier.

In addition, the water used for washing your face is best to use warm water. Some people often like to wash with hot water. This will also cause the loss of oil and dry the skin. Cold water will also irritate the skin and the skin may become red and swollen.


hzh {display: none; }  适合使用的洗面奶  护肤专家说,现在所用的洗面奶,洗净力不应太强,否则会将油脂带走。After washing your face, it is best to immediately apply skin care products to moisturize your skin.

For skin care products for dry skin, use an alcohol-free lotion (do not use alcohol-containing astringent water, otherwise it will dissolve the oil), and then use a lotion or cream.

  The correct way to wash your face A, you must wash your hands before washing your face. Dirty hands will have bacteria, which will easily cause skin problems.

After cleansing your hands, take the facial cleanser with your hands until it foams, then apply it to your face.

  B, absorb the foam evenly and gently push it away. If the oily part is more massaged 2?
3 times, as for the dry part, just take it lightly.

Remember, the facial cleanser stays in Bell for no more than 1 minute.

  C. Rinse constantly with water.

If, after washing, it is still oily, please repeat the above steps.

  Note: The biggest difference between face washing and makeup removal is that the main purpose of makeup remover is to remove makeup. The purpose of washing face is to remove residual makeup and oil on the face.

Someone asked, “Is it possible to remove all makeup and dirt with just washing my face?

“The answer is absolutely no.

However, this does not mean that the facial cleanser cannot remove makeup or dirt. Otherwise, if the facial cleanser is only used to remove makeup and dirt, it will inevitably wash the face many times, which will destroy the sebum film and let the cuticles defense.Decreased ability, weakened resistance, easy to cause skin problems.

The best way is to wash your face with a cleanser after removing makeup.

Skin Care: Wash your face, did you wash it right?