4 books Chinese women should read


4 books Chinese women should read

Many women don’t like reading.

No matter how many reasons, as a Chinese woman, a Chinese woman looking forward to a wonderful and beautiful life, there are four books you must read, and you must read them carefully.

Because these will teach you how to look at a man and how to be a woman.

  One of the wonderful things about “Siege” and “Siege” is to reset the inferiority of Chinese men and help you break the unrealistic illusions about the male world.

And the great master of collecting bad roots is Fang Hongjian first.

  Fang Hongjian is a kind man, but his biggest shortcoming is indecision and unprincipled.

In modern society, men are indecisive, and without principles is fatal.

Female readers, please observe carefully whether your boyfriend is “Zhang Hongjian” or “Li Hongjian”.

If not, please be fortunate. If so, help him to change slowly with deep emotions-you must be prepared for a long period of resistance, and those with shallow emotions will not talk to him.

  Others such as Zhao Xinzhang, Li Haiting, and high school principals are not absent from life, so stay away.

But a few girls are very distinctive.

Su Wenyi is not very cute, but if you think about it, you are a strong woman today; Tang Xiaofu is very cute, but unfortunately she doesn’t necessarily see a man like Hongjian above.The deep side of the machine, but that’s right, there aren’t many eyes for men. There are so many perverts now?

  The author of “Siege City” is indeed everyone. Seeing the delicate and sharp relationship between the sexes, female readers must carefully consider. From then on, it is the first choice to see men when they should not look away.

  ”Gone with the Wind” is not enough to look at the world business card “The Beauty in a Grumpy”, you must read the original work.

Because Margaret Serious will teach you to be a successful woman.

There is no difference between China and the United States. Hao Scarlett can do it, and you can do it.

Strong, independent, and positive are essential qualities for modern women.

If you can’t be as beautiful and beautiful as Scarlett, please remember that you also have the right to pursue beauty, and you can make yourself very kind.

Like Hao Scarlett can’t really own Barred, if you can’t have the man you love, it doesn’t matter, you can still love yourself.

  What modern women want to learn is the style of Hao Sijia, never despairing, and always fighting with cruel reality.

Because on a scale, this world is controlled by men, but it is so cruel that it causes Hao Sijia to be valuable, and it is only valuable that women should read “Gone with the Wind” and be a “beautiful woman in a new troubled world”.

  ”A Dream of Red Mansions” If a woman hasn’t read “A Dream of Red Mansions”, it is simply a sin.

The reason is very simple. Only after reading “Dream of Red Mansions” can I realize that women can be so sad and moving, so demeanorous, so pitiful, so icy and snowy . Cao Xueqin how you become a woman among women.

  He is as heroic as Shi Xiangyun, and also has the coquettishness of drunk lying peony. He is as clever as Xue Baoying, and also has the elegance of fluttering flowers among flowers. He also has secret resentment like Lin Daiyu.

“Dream of Red Mansions” let us really see the wonderfulness of women, and appreciate what is called “water flesh”.

Even if the snobbery is as vicious as Wang Xifeng, her slickness and unpreparedness are still worth studying for today’s women.

  It must be reminded that you must not be the second sister You, it is difficult to have a good ending by the man Jinya Cangjiao; also do not imitate Lin Daiyu, everyone will hate your bitterness, meanness, especially when you are talentless,In the case of beauty; do n’t learn Jia Xichun, timid and afraid of things. Once you leave, be a courageous woman. If you are not afraid of a man, a man will be afraid of you.Liu Xianglian wiped her neck for a so-called famous festival. There is no handsome guy in the end of the world. Without love, the sky will not fall.

  Jin Yong’s research on women in “The Condor Heroes” is too deep; Huang Rong, a clever and intelligent person, Zhou Yunruo, a kind and strong Cheng Lingsu . Every woman is eager to come out, and every book is wonderful, butI chose “The Condor Heroes” because there are Yang Guo and Guo Fu in it.

  Lin Yanni once commented that Yang Guo’s words were “a lifetime of mistakes at the sight of Yang Guo”, which is true.

Yang Guo is a man of temperament, and the little dragon girl promises his life and death. Cheng Ying and Lu Wushuang are lonely for his sweetheart. The petals of Gongsun Lu are even more affectionate. Even Xiao Guoxiang is attached to him, showing Yang Guo’s charm.

But simple women don’t fall in love with him easily, unless you think you can do it, you must be hurt.

Because of the “oldest diamond king” like Yang Guo, he only sees such beautiful people as “Little Dragon Girl”. What he says is always affectionate because he has the best . for Yang GuoIt was Guo Fu who “lost her whole life”. She had been secretly in love with Yang Guo. She was never happy because he could not get him. He was very angry and irritable, and made numerous calamities.

But who can understand her mind?

Guo Fu’s emotions in the chaos were the most successful of all psychological descriptions in Jin Yong’s novels.

But Guo Fu is too unpopular. When it comes to her, she gritted her teeth, which was her failure.

  By the way, the sisters do n’t want to be poisonous with flowers. A woman like Li Mochou is the most terrible. A Lu Guanyuan made her obsessed with sorrow and resentment. She left her youth free, and killed and vented anger everywhere;?
Women must not think that this is a deep feeling, this is a pervert.