Employment winter, whether to adhere to career ideals


Employment winter, whether to adhere to career ideals

How did the original dream understand that it takes more effort to reach the distance; if the dream never falls off the cliff, how can you know that those who are attached have invisible wings.

However, in the face of the real sea, some people are obsessed and some people give up, and all this has something to do with everyone’s mentality, possibility, and understanding of dreams.

  Who: Annie, female, 2008 graduate of a university in Beijing in July 2008, I just decided to take root in Beijing.

However, today, 7 months later, I packed up my luggage a little bit and checked it home.

  Last night, my dad called to tell me that there was no problem with the job. I just had to go home for a symbolic interview.

On the phone, her mother’s excitement did not conceal: “How hard it is to find a job this year. An iron rice bowl is better than anything!

“The iron rice bowl that is stronger than anything” in her mouth is Dad’s unit. When one arrives in the afternoon, she chats and reads newspapers. Women will carry sweaters to the place where the unit is knitted.

Last year I was arrogant and determined to stay in Beijing to find a job, but now I have to compromise.

  I regret missing the opportunity last October.

At that time, I had passed an interview with a company, but I thought the office environment was not good. I thought: Finding a job is not as difficult as in the legend. There are more opportunities in the future!

Unexpectedly, the reality immediately made me speechless, and the fact that no one in the department signed the contract made the competition even more fierce.

Originally, the goals of work were not so clear, and now I don’t know what I want to do or what I can do.

I remember that I participated in a job fair of Beiyou last November. After waiting for a long time for a team of several hundred meters to submit my resume, the recruiter took a look at me and immediately threw the resume back: “We recruited accountants, Your intention to apply for a job is a secret, totally inconsistent!

“I looked up and realized that it wasn’t it. The recruitment form was clearly written, but I only looked into the encirclement and didn’t see anything.

At that moment, his face was so red that he regretted his carelessness and carelessness.

  Later, I was forced to do a few “personal job hunting” several times, and went directly to the company door to sell myself.

I don’t know if the recruiting unit is tired of such tricks, or my luck is really bad, and we are greeted with cold eyes and rejection.

Only one company received me and asked me to fill out a resume on a form.

But after a long time, there was no movement. Some people broke the news that they were not really recruiting people, but to complete the tasks assigned above, or to make a backup of the talent database.

My heart was cold instantly.

  The result of repeated armed strikes is helplessness.

Slowly, I don’t even want to go to the job fair-it’s okay to go!

At this time, my parents told me that they had asked for a relationship to help me find a job in my hometown and let me go back.

Although I was reluctant to give up my dream, I could only choose the way home.

  Editor’s note: pinning a career ideal on a city shows that the ideal is not mature.

Therefore, it is easy to give up when there are setbacks or other temptations.

  This person: Zhou Ming, male, the ideal starting point for a 2007 graduate student in a university in Chongqing determines the ideal height-I believe this statement.

Therefore, when I was determined to be a business manager, I decided that I must make my first job to lay the foundation for achieving my ideal.

  The employment prospects in the past two years have not been very good. When I first graduated, many students had to give up their initial dreams and found jobs such as secretaries and sales representatives.

Someone looked at me and would rather be hungry than compromise, so he advised me: “Don’t think that you will be ashamed of studying business administration and then doing secretarial work. It is most realistic to mix a rice bowl!

“Actually, they didn’t understand it. I never felt it was a shame to do it all the time. I just wanted to find a job that would allow me to learn, accumulate experience, and slowly realize the ideal alternative work.

So, for more than a year later, while I was applying for a job, I read a lot of management books, and got to know a group of young managers such as Mao Kankan, Li Xiang, Ding Lei, Dai Zhikang and so on.

They became my spiritual motivation, allowing my occasional shaking thoughts to be eliminated in time.

  In October 2008, the financial crisis began to emerge, and the employment situation also showed a bad trend.

At this moment, I received an interview notice from a well-known Dutch company, and my position was assistant general manager of the Chinese side.

At that time, I was almost crazy, but when I came to the interview site, the excitement immediately became like a discouraged ball and stunned.

A total of 24 people came for interviews, most of whom were Tsinghua Peking University graduate students, doctoral students, and several returnees.

I don’t think I have a good chance of winning, but in order to persist, I must fight for it!  The interview is divided into several short-term, personality tests, self-introduction within minutes, and face-to-face evaluation team members.

These were all I guessed, and I practiced them many times.

From the performance of other people, they are all familiar with it.

However, the last translation surprised everyone: you think that the four masters and apprentices who learn from the West are the best managers, please sort them in order.

Twenty-four individuals were randomly divided into four groups and required a consistent callout within 20 minutes.

  Everyone started a heated discussion. Everyone was anxious to state their reasons, as if they would not give up without overwhelming others.

Time passes quickly, 15 minutes have passed, and there is still no unified argument.

After I seriously listened to everyone’s participation, the article: “We will definitely have no results in this struggle. It is better to vote for each person and support only one, and think of your reasons.

In this way, a unified opinion was quickly formed, and everyone was convinced.

  I did not expect that this simple sentence became the reason why I was finally accepted.

After watching the video of the group discussion, the interviewer commented on me: calm and calm, and with a sense of the big picture. After understanding everyone’s point of view, they can think of a simple and effective way to unify the opinions.

In fact, he didn’t know that these were not the things I learned in school, but the teaching experience of interviews and management books I had read for more than a year.

  Editor’s Note: From the beginning, I have a clear career ideal, and can continue to learn, summarize experiences, and bring myself closer to it.

Opportunity favors a prepared mind and prepares both mentally and actionally to achieve a career ideal.

  The following are the survey questions and results jointly launched by this magazine and the Sina Education Channel (as of February 16, 2009), which asked us a few questions: ⑴ Ideal is important, but should we persist in the winter of employment?

How to persist?

⑵Is career ideal equal to high salary, big company?

(3) Should ideals be frustrated, should we give up immediately?


How do you see career ideals?

  One must be there, and it should persist until it is achieved (68.

7%) B didn’t, follow the flow and find a job is good (23.

7%) C never considered this issue (7.

6%) 2.

  What do you think of career ideals?

  High salaries, high positions, large companies (64.

0%) B achieves top level in an industry (2.

0%) C other (14.

0%) 3.

If there are two job candidates to choose from: one you do n’t like but high salary, and one you like but not high salary, which one would you choose?

  Highly paid (45.

1%) B’s favorite (43.

4%) C did not choose, and find another one that likes and pays well (11.

5%) 4.

If your career ideals are frustrated in reality, will you?

  A gives up, and frustration indicates that it is not feasible (60.

2%) B insisted, and maybe succeeded next time (31.

3%) C does not give up but wants to adjust (8.

5%) 5.

What do you think is the biggest obstacle to upholding career ideals?  One’s own will, if you want to insist no one can stop (41.

5%) B social reasons, everyone is chasing money, who still advocates ideals (40.

6%) C family, love and other reasons (17.