The front end is an important part of the whole body and plays a key role in the stability of the body.

All the pull-ups can be exercised to the buttocks muscles, slightly up, backwards, and downwards; but because the hip muscles are more complex, you need to use a variety of methods to exercise from different angles.

Here are three common methods of exercising the back muscles: first, pull-ups.

Use the pull-ups to exercise and increase the width of the buttocks: the hands are wider than the shoulders, lift the body hard, make the lower jaws exceed the horizontal bar, and then control the body to ease.

Generally do 3-4 groups, each group 8-12 times.

Note that the body should not be shaken during the movement, and the speed should not be too fast.

The wider the grip, the more irritating fractures on both sides of the latissimus dorsi.

銆€銆€Second, “sitting equipment traction.”

For beginners, there may be insufficient strength. It is recommended to choose this method: sit under the straight pole of the sitting position instrument, straight forward, the upper body slightly backwards, pull the straight rod down to the chest clavicle and then restore, control the movement uniformget on.
銆€銆€Third, “pushing the barbell and rowing.”

This is another classic movement scheduled for bodybuilding training. The main function is to increase the thickness of the back.

Before standing on the barbell rack, the athlete is aiming at the slight bend, leaning forward on the upper body, about 45 degrees from the ground, keeping the rearward straight, holding the barbell with both hands, the grip distance is slightly wider than the shoulder, pulling the barbell upwards, and then controlling the restoration.Naturally drooping to the world.

Generally do 3-4 groups, each group 8-12 times.